River Park Campground Waterline Replacement

1.1 Request for Quotation: Professional Contractors with proven experience in water main construction are invited to submit quotations for the replacement of the existing water lines providing service to 54 campsites located at River Park Campground in Menominee, MI.

1.2 The Request for Quotation (RFQ) does not constitute a contract for services performed or to be performed. Following the selection of the successful contractor, the City of Menominee (hereafter referred to as 'City'), and the contractor will negotiate a contract including a full scope of services. If there are any questions and/or to schedule a site visit, contact Joanie Kosewski at (906) 290-4690 or (906) 863-1756.

1.3 Services To Be Performed: The Contractor’s services will consist of providing all necessary labor, equipment and materials for the completion of this project. The following is the scope of services and specifications.


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